Seedblink: Supporting the largest equity crowdfunding round in Romania

November 6, 2023
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Investor materials
Pitch deck
Business plan
Executive summary


SeedBlink is the fastest growing investing platform specialized in sourcing, vetting, financing, and scaling European tech start-ups. In 2021, they closed a Series A round worth €3 million, of which €1.1 million was funded through its own crowdfunding platform, double the initial target.We supported them with the design of their pitch deck, business plan and executive summary, making sure they were investment-ready.



In 2021, SeedBlink was getting ready to raise their first venture round and they wanted to raise a large part of it through their own platform. Being founded in 2020, this would have been a major milestone for them as they wanted to show the growing adoption of their platform.

As part of their listing, they needed to publish a full stack of investor materials that had to be impactful, professional, and easy to understand and they had a very tight deadline and were in a time crunch. The stakes were high and they couldn’t leave anything to chance, so they turned to us for expert help.



We initially started with redesigning their pitch deck, as we’d already worked on an earlier draft for them a couple of months prior. We leveraged their new brand guidelines to create a modern design, one that is more tech-oriented and poised for disruption, while making sure to highlight key information.

The design of the pitch deck would also serve as the template for the design of the remaining materials. We adapted the style to fit a document format and a larger amount of content and our approach was to break up the content visually as much as possible (but without overdoing it). 


Client benefits
& results

  •  €1.1 million raised through crowdfunding, double the initial target
  •  €1.9 in VC funding
  • largest crowdfunding round ever in Romania
  • first Series A launched on the platform

The Visual Hackers team is our 'secret sauce' when it comes to translating our work into digital presentations. Led by Mihai, the team is witty, fast, and has a clean & stylish aesthetic that helps us convey complex messages in easy-to-understand materials.
Adriana Iordan, Chief Product & Marketing Officer, SeedBlink