Maternova: Supporting global marketing and sales growth

November 16, 2023
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Maternova is the trusted resource for cutting-edge medical innovations in newborn, obstetrics, and reproductive health. They partner with a broad range of healthcare organizations across the world in over 60 countries. Their social enterprise has impacted over 1.2 million lives since 2015.

After we helped them successfully raise their last round of funding, they turned to our help with an even more challenging project: support them for their first-ever tradeshow. 



After securing its latest investment, Maternova ramped up its marketing & sales efforts and started participating in relevant industry tradeshows, both in the US and abroad. They approached us to help design all the materials they’d need, from product catalogs and one pager to display animations & booth design.

One of the most important parts would be the creation of their first full product catalog. But this posed a more complex challenge because they lacked quality brand assets & guidelines that we could leverage. Their product photos were inconsistent and often low quality, as supplied by their manufacturers, so they had to be remade.



At first, we worked on their product photos to ensure they met a certain quality level and were all consistent. In quite a few cases that went beyond simple photo editing & retouching and actually recreating the products in 3D models.

We then moved on to developing the Maternova brand guidelines & visuals and integrating them into a cohesive branding system. We created custom illustrations & icons for their 4 main product categories (Maternal, New Born, Rapid Tests & Nutrition) and designed a functional, informative layout template that also highlighted the product’s features.

With these things in place, we could now map out all their needs for the tradeshows participations, at the same time making sure we produce sustainable materials, that can be used for a longer period of time.


Client benefits
& results

  • Participation in 3 international fairs and closing of 5 partnerships 
  • Positive feedback from all corners of the world 
  • Growing brand recognition
Visual Hackers has helped us evolve as a company and a brand.  They have met us every step of the way with affordable, customized solutions to our brand and marketing needs, starting with a simple one-pager and growing to a full investment pitch to a trade show booth design. We believe Visual Hackers are extraordinary at what they do and can't recommend them highly enough
Meg Wirth, President and Founder of Maternova