Latitude: Accelerating Blockchain Launches with Design Excellence

November 16, 2023
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Services Provided

Pitch Deck Design
Presentation Design
Document Design
Social Media Design


Latitude is a startup accelerator and blockchain advisory company. Their vision is anchored around providing an all-in-one, full-scale service to relieve some of the stress that all blockchain start-ups experience.



Expanding Needs of Blockchain Projects: Latitude faced a challenge as they supported an increasing number of blockchain startups. These startups required a range of visual assets, from fundraising pitch decks to company profiles and sales materials. Many lacked in-house design capabilities.

Scaling Amid Multiple Launches: Latitude had to support multiple project launches simultaneously. This called for a streamlined approach to design to efficiently meet the diverse demands of various projects.


Rapid Onboarding with Starter Packages: To swiftly onboard projects, we collaborated with the client to create versatile starter packages of visual assets, including custom templates for social media and presentations. These packages were tailored to each project's branding & unique personality while maintaining efficiency through a streamlined production process.

Custom Design for Key Projects: For major projects like pitch decks and lite papers, we followed our established process: research, creative exploration, and implementation of a custom design solution. These solutions aligned with each project's branding and industry standards, ensuring both uniqueness and credibility.


Client benefits & Results

  • Rapid Onboarding: accelerated launches (more than 15+ projects supported)
  • Expanded Online Reach: Projects gained thousands of followers, enhancing online visibility.
  • Cost-Efficient Scalability: Efficiently meet multiple project design needs.
  • Improved Fundraising: Enhanced investor engagement and funding success.
  • Time Savings: Streamlined design process for strategic focus.

Visual Hackers meticulously captured our company's essence, turning complex ideas into visually captivating presentations. Their attention to detail and knack for storytelling transformed our pitch decks into powerful tools, leaving a lasting impact on our investors and partners.
Corey Billington, Director at Latitude Blockchain Services