Couples Institute: Growing participation and engagement in their online programs

October 12, 2023
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Couple Therapy
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Webinar Presentation
Graphic Design


One of our oldest clients has been the Couple's Institute, a couples therapy practice from California. We've been helping them with various webinar presentations over the years, as part of the courses they organize for the therapists community.

Their flagship program, The Developmental Program, is an online educational course for therapists. They have it twice a year, and before every launch, we help them prepare the presentations they use for their marketing campaign, and with the actual materials they use during the program.



Before partnering with us, they struggled to create high-quality visual presentations. Their team lacked design skills and often they also lacked time and would design materials in a rush because developing the content was more time-intensive. They have been using an outdated template that wasn’t up to modern design standards and that couldn’t fit the kind of content they were producing.



In the beginning, we had to redesign a master presentation template that could be used for multiple occasions. We had to make sure that it could accommodate the type and amount of content they usually show while also being optimized for online delivery.

We also took advantage that they also did a recent rebranding and updated the design based on their new brand guidelines.

With time and with more & more presentations needed, we started working more closely & have developed a more streamlined delivery process so we can assure a fairly quick turnaround.

Client benefits & results 

  • More participants in their programs
  • Ongoing updating and improvement of their materials
  • More time for the client to work on the core of their business

Visual Hackers is a wonderful partner for us. Their work is qualitative and always on time. They are very willing to listen and integrate new ideas! I absolutely love, love, love working with them.
Ellyn Bader, PhD Co-Founder of The Couples Institute and Creator of The Developmental Model