Here’s When You Really Need A Presentation Design Specialist

Here’s When You Really Need A Presentation Design Specialist

‘Do it yourself’ is a good mentality, one that powers creativity and makes for a lot of fun projects. But sometimes there is much more to be gained from working with specialists. In the case of a presentation, whether it’s a business presentation, a sales document or a pitch deck, you’re trying to connect with an audience and convey a message. Why not use the best resources to do that?

A presentation design specialist knows how to tell (and show) stories. They’ve honed this skill over the course of many presentations and they’ve worked with a myriad of different clients in different industries.

If you’re interested in creating and delivering great presentations, here are just a few of the reasons why you’d benefit from working with a talented presentation design specialist or team.

1. Craft convincing stories

Making a business presentation follow a storyline is not something that comes naturally. In fact, it’s the case for many presentations. They’re often on technical subjects or they list numbers and facts, making it a real challenge to bring some sort of storyline to them. Even in the case of personal presentations or inspirational ones, the challenge of telling a story remains.

Being part of a presentation design team myself, I’ve worked with clients to try and find the right story long before we went into designing the actual slides. My team and I are always trying to connect and find a common understanding regarding what this presentation entails and who it is addressed to, to be able to craft a story from it.

Maybe not everyone wants to tell a story with their presentation, I’ve also heard this argument. But stories are persuasive. They translate ideas and move people to action. Moreover, they turn the audience into advocates of the proposition, whether in life or in business, by paying the story—not just the information—forward.

How you show those stories is equally important. A key rule of telling stories is giving your audience an emotional experience. Sometimes showing them the story is the best way to tell it.

2. Achieve your goal

Say this is an important presentation for your career. You’ll be going in front of your peers and superiors to try to convince them of your ideas. Making a good impression is important for your future. Why not turn to the experts to help you get there?

From organizing your ideas, to designing your slides, illustrating your graphics and visually presenting reports, presentation specialists know how to get you there. They’ve done it hundreds of times before.


3. Aim for clarity

It’s a common case we encounter in this business; we see brilliant business people who are developing impressive products and services, but when it comes to translating their ideas into a simple product presentation, total confusion. Version after version of the same presentation only ends up being more convoluted than the last one.

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Sometimes you need a fresh set of eyes, and if those eyes happen to be highly trained to organize ideas and design them to appeal to their intended audience, even better. Get a presentation design specialist or a team to go through your ideas, come up with questions and guide them towards the message you’re trying to convey. Then step aside and let them work their magic and get that clarity back.

4. Be smart about it

Knowing what you’re good at (and what you’re not good at) is a quality in itself. Not everyone is talented when it comes to visual arts. Sure, you can try and learn and perfect any skill, including design, but wouldn’t a professional be the better choice when it comes to an important presentation?

Being in control doesn’t require you to download icons and graphics for every slide, it means choosing the best option to get an amazing presentation. Call in the specialists and be clear about your desired outcome and how you want to work together to get there.

Another scenario here is when you’re not exactly an expert on the topic you’ll be presenting. But what if you had a whole team to research it for you?

5. Save time

What most people don’t realize is that presentations take time. If you want to create impactful presentations, it will take time to design the slides, structure your content, add visual elements, organize the information and make it all come together the way you’ve envisioned it.

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A presentation design specialist will implement the design and structural elements in half that time because they’ve done it so many times before and they’ve learned how and what to do (and not to do). They will know what the industry standard is and they will have a feedback process in place so that you have a final presentation in just a few days if that’s when you need it.


There are many more cases and situations when hiring a presentation design specialist just makes more sense if you really think about it.

If you’re not sure, ask yourself how much time vs money will you be saving and which is the better option for what you’re trying to achieve with that presentation?


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