Getting to know our collaboration with Maternova

In our fast-paced and visually-driven world, effective communication has become more critical than ever. For businesses and professionals seeking to make a lasting impact, delivering captivating presentations and visuals is essential. 

Our partner since 2016 Maternova, understood this from the beginning, so they opted to work with professionals in the field of presentations and graphic design. 

Who is Maternova? 

Empowering Global Health Through Innovative Solutions

Maternova, Inc. is the trusted resource for cutting-edge medical innovations in newborn, obstetrics, and reproductive health. They are a mission-driven corporation focused on maternal and newborn health.

They work to facilitate access to affordable, life-saving, and innovative technologies and were founded with the vision of improving health outcomes globally across all populations.

Maternova partners with a broad range of healthcare organizations across the world in over 60 countries. Their social enterprise has impacted over 1.2 million lives since 2015.

Projects goals

Our first interaction with Maternova was for a pitch deck design in 2016 and from there the collaboration evolved into a long-term partnership, where we help them with any graphic design need for their marketing and sales departments. 

The collaboration got extended especially in 2022 after we designed for them a pitch deck for a new funding round. And they got the funding!!

It followed a period of operations and marketing scaling, participating in more national and international fairs, and they needed our help further with:

// Standardization and brand development: they realized that they don’t have a brand language very well established, they had a lot of product categories with product photos that looked different and didn’t communicate professionalism, seriousness, etc

// A lot of visual materials for the fairs, in multiple languages

Services provided

Since 2016 we have worked on multiple projects for Maternova:

  • Presentation design: pitch deck, company presentation
  • Sales/ collateral design: brochures, product catalogs, one-pagers for fairs 
  • Animated videos for displays in fairs
  • Graphic design 2D and 3D: standardization of product images and recreation of products in 3D
  • Booth design for fairs
  • Social Media templates

Work Process

Quite a complex one at the begging, as we mapped out all their needs for fair participation, at the same time making sure we think them more strategically, as part of a brand system. Their requirements were pretty straightforward, but we had to have an internal evaluation and research process in order to find the best solution to also produce sustainable materials, that can be used for a longer period of time. 

For example, we had to extend Maternova’s visual identity and create brand guidelines. Based on this, we developed a visual language for different product categories (icons and illustrations) and for the products in each category (image standardization, 3d creation of products, creation of a system of icons for product features, etc.)

Strictly as a process and communication with the client, we tried to get them involved in key decisions from the start, to be clear for them what are the goals and how they will help them. So the process was smooth enough, receiving punctual feedback on specific deliverables (brochures, one-pagers), and they were very pleased with it.

Special Requirements

One important aspect we had to consider all the time was the long-term usability of the materials designed and the possibility to be reused in different contexts. 

Visual Identity


How was to work with Maternova

It was great to work with them, we knew that every material designed for the client was very important, with high stakes: the pitch deck purpose was to get funding in order to scale and then to make a good impression in their first fairs, so they can close new partnerships. 

We got them involved from the beginning, telling them often the progress and being transparent with what we were doing and how we saw things unfolding. The level of trust was high from the client towards us, working with them for so long, so they gave us a free hand. 

Latest presentation design

With this pitch deck, Maternova raised $650k in investments. Using these investments to participate in 3 international fairs and closing 5 partnerships. 


Short interview with Maternova 


1. What were the main challenges or goals you faced before partnering with us?

Maternova was a small company with a range of obstetric and neonatal products.  We had a logo and wordmark but we did not truly have a brand or brand identity.  There was little consistency across all of our graphic design.  In addition, we had a pitch deck that was not where it should be as far as messaging and visual impact.  


2. How did our services and expertise help address these challenges or achieve your goals?  Can you provide specific examples or projects where our contributions were particularly valuable or noteworthy?

Most importantly, Visual Hackers created a powerful brand identity for Maternova. The team completely redesigned our pitch deck, creating a strong set of images and messages that drove home our impact business. They are absolute geniuses in translating written words into business-relevant images.


3. What measurable results or improvements have you observed since working with our agency?

We have received investments from both angel investors and funds.  We have also received very positive feedback from all corners of the world as well as growing brand recognition.  Visual Hackers also created banners and booth designs for medical trade shows, another important part of Maternova’s growth.   


4. What specific aspects of our work or service have contributed to your decision to continue working with us? 

The team is extremely creative and always meets or exceeds our expectations.  They communicate efficiently and effectively and can literally turn a handwritten sketch into a powerful marketing piece or slide deck. 


5. Have we managed to meet or exceed your expectations over the duration of our partnership? Have we managed to provide ongoing value throughout our partnership? If yes, how? 

Yes. Visual Hackers has helped us evolve as a company and a brand. They have met us every step of the way with affordable, customized solutions to our brand and marketing needs, starting with a simple one-pager and growing to a full investment pitch to a trade show booth design.


6. Would you recommend our agency to other businesses or colleagues? If so, why?

Absolutely, we believe Visual Hackers are extraordinary at what they do. We can’t recommend them highly enough though selfishly we wish we could hide them so they never get too busy! 


We send our thanks to the entire Maternova team! It is a wonderful experience to work with you, it challenges our creativity and helps us grow every time. 

Let’s build a partnership as strong as the one with Maternova. We believe that great ideas deserve great design, so tell us your idea! 

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