Highlights of 2020

Oh, what a year was 2020. We were on an emotional rollercoaster from the beginning and with time it just got more complicated for most people. A lot of plans have been reconfigured and adapted to the new reality. But number one priority for everybody was to stay healthy. 

In these uncertain times certain businesses were hit quite badly, economically speaking. Some of the most affected industries by the global pandemic were Sports & Entertainment, Travel & Tourism and in a positive way Retail & eCommerce. 

For us it’s been a mixed bag: we definitely felt the effects of the pandemic, especially in the spring and early summer, when uncertainty was high and we had a few projects postponed or cancelled. On the bright side, we got a chance to do some very meaningful work, directly related to the pandemic and stopping the virus. That meant presentations to share recent best practices in patient care or overview & sales presentations for some latest technologies and devices that can fight the spread of the virus - showing again the potential real life impact a well made presentation can make.

We are grateful for each client that has stayed with us this year and continued to trust us. Also for the clients that came this year and kept going even in tough situations.


Here are some of our year’s highlights


1. Managing Sepsis in Covid-19 Patients

One of our clients had a presentation on World Sepsis Day in the online event World Sepsis Alliance, sponsored by World Health Organization. 

Dr. Hala held a 20 minutes keynote speech  where she presented how the United Arab Emirates handled the current situation. She also talked about the lessons they learned and the good case practices from ICU used during the pandemic.

2. Helping Romanian Startups

The Romanian start-up scene has been growing significantly over the past years, thanks to new innovations with Romanian start-ups becoming more & more visible on an international level as well, with the prime example being UI Path, the decabillion RPA giant (fun fact - the founder of UiPath is from the same hometown as our founder, Onești - Romania 😀 ). 

This year, despite the pandemic, saw another growth year for our ecosystem, and we’re proud & grateful that we helped several local start-ups with their pitch decks.


3. Securif.ai Crowdfunding

One of the Romanian start-ups that we worked with last year deserves a special mention. SecurifAI successfully raised through their equity crowdfunding campaign 225K EUR in just 24 hours. The round was raised through SeedBlink, the largest equity crowdfunding platform in South Eastern Europe. 

Securif.ai developed a state-of-the-art AI solution for automated real-time analysis of video streams, which has really great potential in a lot of verticals. We helped them refine their pitch deck for this new fundraising round and had a closer look behind the curtain.  


4. SBIR Applications

For the past couple of years, we’ve been working with two of our clients that help start-ups access US Government funds through the US Air Force's SBIR (Small Business Innovation Research) Program.

This has become one of our favorite projects as we get to know about really cool innovations happening in a wide range of domains.

This year, we've helped 50 startups with their proposal pitches which often consisted of 15-slide decks and one page summaries.

Unfortunately we cannot show you any examples on these projects.


5. AuBit - blockchain based asset management platform launched out of stealth

AuBit is a brand new asset management platform that ‘networks’ the world’s top investment products for greater total returns with no additional risk. AuBit plans to bring network effects to the world of finance  and envisions a world where everyone has equal access to the world’s top investment products from as little as just $1.

After 3 years working and developing the platform in stealth mode, AuBit finally launched public in fall of last year and we’re grateful to have helped them since then. They constantly need various visual assets, mostly for social media, to keep their growing community up to date on the latest developments and spread the word to the rest.


We also worked on some cool one-off projects:


6. Letting people learn and innovate 

Andreas von der Heydt is one of our oldest clients and we love working with him.  he gives us a lot of freedom to create and to experiment different styles on his presentation. His presentations are the definition of diversity and the only requirement is not to have business dressed characters.

This presentations focuses on people and their development. 


7. One Moto Pitch Deck

One of our favorite designed decks of the year came from this really cool project we did with One Moto, a British brand of electric vehicles in the UAE, designed and developed for inner city commuters and the delivery community.

They needed a revamped pitch deck, not just in terms of design, but also in terms of content & structure, that they were going to use in an equity crowdfunding round as well as approaching institutional investors.

They had a really cool & vibrant brand identity already, that we fully leveraged to make a next level pitch deck :). 


8. The alchemy of waste - EQTEC

This is not the first time we work with David Palumbo, but this year he came to us for a redesign of the company profile. He just went through a rebranding phase and needed an update with the new image.

We also worked a little more on the visuals and diagrams.


9. From Zero to Hero Webinar Presentation

Money Days is one of the biggest investments and personal finances in Romania. It gathers the most financial education speakers in the country.  We thought to give back ( for all the quality content they publish ) reaching out to the conference organiser and offered to re-do his presentation.

The conference moved in online because of the pandemic so it was a webinar presentation, with an audience of 500+.



Besides working on presentations this year we also worked on our presence on social media. We are now connecting with our community on Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin, Twitter, Pinterest and Slideshare.

What better way to show you our 2020 overview that with an infographic.

With a growing community comes growing responsibility, so we invested more time in creating and sharing educational content on our social media platforms. You can go and see some of our powerpoint tutorials, with effects to use in presentations made only in powerpoint. There are also infographics to help you prepare the structure of your presentation according to the type of it. We turned a few of our articles into slideshare to be more visually pleasing to follow, putting them on Slideshare. 

In 2021 we’ll focus on this more, as we aim to be a true resource when it comes to making great presentations - we have plans to launch several products in various formats (first one last year - holiday goodies pack) so subscribe to our newsletter to find out.


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