Highlight Projects of 2021

2021 has proven to be quite a nice year. We have witnessed some fine startups being funded and had the pleasure to be part of their journeys. We passed milestones and we celebrated 5 years of Visual Hacking.

Now we are humbled to share with you that we are growing in all our online communities: Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Twitter.  One other thing to celebrate is the number of clients we had in 2021: 80 clients, 35 were newcomers.

Presentations are just another way of communicating. There are some basic rules you can follow but ultimately it’s a matter of practice and improving through constructive criticism.
Mihai, Founder Visual Hackers

Here are some of the year’s highlight presentations.


SeedBlink ended a Series A financing round in 2021 worth €3 million, of which €1.1 million was funded through its own crowdfunding platform, double its initial target. Its own investment campaign is the largest financing carried out through the platform SeedBlink.
We were happy to help them with designing their business plan and executive summary, making sure they’re investment-ready.



Largest raise for a logistic startup named one of the top startups in Romania
Yload is the 1st transport marketplace in Eastern Europe offering fully digitized, transparent & AI-enabled logistics solutions. They launched in 2021 their Beta version, which gained tremendous traction, with more than 10,000 transport carriers signing up in the first couple of months.
Yload is also the largest raise for a logistic startup, named one of the top startups in Romania
We helped them become investor-ready, creating their pitch deck, business plan & executive summary, along with consulting on their pitch video. We’re proud of them as they succeeded in raising over 400K EUR in less than 1 week!


Ursa Major

Ursa Major Technologies develops innovative propulsion solutions for the emerging microsatellite and nanosatellite launch market. Its advanced manufacturing optimizes unique part creation.
The company scaled up its ambitions and closed its largest funding round to date to do so: an $85 million Series C. We worked with them on preparing and designing the pitch deck that successfully brought the investments.



The company makes chemicals from custom enzymes and renewable feedstock. It uses dextrose, a simple sugar, and in the future, it aims to convert carbon into useful products like building materials and formaldehyde-free resins.
In a Series C funding, GreenTech Startup Solugen has raised more than $350 million, which will be put into decarbonizing the chemicals industry, using a pitch deck designed by our team.


 AuBit is a brand new asset management platform that ‘networks’ the world’s top financial products like gold, stocks, bonds, and crypto for greater total returns with no additional risk.
AuBit is built to leverage the exponential power of network effects in finance by automatically redistributing 80% of all transaction fees and network revenues back to users.
This summer,  AuBit launched Freeway Lite, a new Social Finance Platform that redistributes revenues for better rewards.  Along with this launch, AuBit also underwent a rebranding process this summer, going with a more vibrant, neon look that better reflects its ambitions.As we’ve been taking care of AuBit’s social media visuals since they launched their project last year, it was also up to us to translate this new visual direction into more engaging assets. Here are just a few recent examples


Umbrella Network

Umbrella Network is a new exciting project in the blockchain space, and they aim to be the first decentralized oracle service with the scale and security modern DeFi applications require. Or in more layman’s terms, their technology will allow for a massive scale-up of data that can be added to a blockchain.
We’ve been helping them since they started promoting themselves and while initially we helped redesign their lite paper, since then we’ve been constantly creating various social media assets.


D’institute clinic

Another important project comes from an enthusiastic dentist who has a passion for communication. We worked on a keynote presentation regarding the communication between doctor and patient. D`Institute clinic is a dream come true, a new concept for digital dentistry, a place where patients feel at home.


Coin Fantasy

CoinFantasy is the World’s first decentralized fantasy gaming for crypto-financial markets based on Play to Earn.
This was a very exciting project that really got our creative juices flowing as we helped with several custom illustrations and gave an overall game theme design that we love to their assets. We designed a teaser infographic as well as a full pitch deck for them to use in approaching investors.



Cortex is a newly launched blockchain-enabled application that empowers users to publish content, notes & digital assets while being in control of their own data.
Cortex basically allows simple Web3 publishing. We worked with them on building a comparison infographic between the current, ‘old model’ of the Internet (Web 2.0 or Old Web) and Cortex’s model (Web 3.0) to show how users can benefit from this new decentralized model

With a growing community comes growing responsibility, so we invested more time in creating and sharing educational content on our social media platforms. You can go and see some of our PowerPoint tutorials, with effects to use in presentations made only in PowerPoint. There are also infographics to help you prepare the structure of your presentation according to its type.

We are eager to see how 2022 will turn up.  Keep in touch by following us on social media platforms and subscribing to our newsletter.

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