Highlight Projects 2022 – a year of challenges, with highs and lows

Our sixth year of Visual Hackers was different from the previous ones. After the intense pandemic years, we didn’t know what to expect. Looking back, approximately 75% of our clients were returning or retainers.


 As the economy and tech sectors faced difficulties, we focused on planting seeds for some long-term partnerships, approaching also the Romanian space.
Even though we worked on fewer projects than in 2021, they were bigger in purpose and had more impact, they were more complex and pushed us to go beyond our level.
Mihai, founder of Visual Hackers

Our team grew and that came with its own set of challenges: how do we work better together, is everyone in the role they can make the most impact, do all have the needed resources & support, are the processes behind clear? While learning to accept that time is limited, Mihai empowered each of us to become more autonomous and assure at least the same quality of our services when scaling.

The post-pandemic impact was felt mostly in the second half of the year when the global tech sector and the US one in particular faced turbulence – fewer companies got funds, and investors were more cautious when giving capital to a startup.
There was a rise in requests for template presentations, and startups were more careful with their budgets, looking for DIY solutions for design. They wanted cost-efficient solutions with templates to be updated by interns, rather than fully costumed design.

We are thrilled to share with you our highlight projects from 2022.


Maternova: new pitch deck and marketing materials


At the beginning of February, they wanted to redo a few slides from their pitch deck (also made by us in the previous year) and after an internal evaluation, we discussed redoing the entire deck to be up-to-date and more professional. With this deck, they raised their first serious funding of 660 k $. Having new funds, Maternova scaled its marketing and started participating in industry fairs. Where we helped them with all the materials necessary, from banners to product images, product catalogs, rollups, stand design, animation video, and so on.
It was our most complex project of the year, thank you guys for the collaboration.


RoFintech: report design


We are glad to be part of the development of the FinTech ecosystem in Romania. Collaborating over the years with startups from this domain from all over the world, it is a pleasure to help position Romania as a representative voice in the field for the Eastern Europe Region.
The first edition of the Romanian FinTech Market Report was launched. The report was realized by the Bucharest Business School from the Academy of Economic Studies in collaboration with the Romanian FinTech Association.
We contributed to creating the design of the report.

The collaboration with Visual Hackers focused on the launch of the first edition of the Romania Fintech 2022 report and it was an exceptional one. If I had to characterize them in 3 words, they would be professionalism, promptness, and seriousness.
A young, dynamic team of beautiful people who are passionate about what they do and this can be seen in the result of their work. We want to continue this great collaboration on other projects of the Romanian Fintech Association!
Magda Sandulescu, Executive Director Romanian Fintech Association



SeedBlink: pitch deck


We have been working with Seedblink since 2021 when we helped them design their business plan and executive summary, making sure they’re investment-ready, and raising 3 million €.
In 2022 they had a new funding round, but we can’t public yet the deck design created for them.

The Visual Hackers team is our ‘secret sauce’ when it comes to translating our work into digital presentations. Led by Mihai, the team is witty, fast, and has a clean & stylish aesthetic that helps us convey complex messages in easy-to-understand materials. What we liked the most is how effortlessly they understood the industry and our sophisticated target audience.
This team is our preferred agency for most important projects and we are consistently praised for the high-quality design of our materials.

Adriana Iordan, Chief Product & Marketing Officer, SeedBlink


Thinslices: rebranding presentation video


Making the rebranding presentation video for Thinslices was quite a challenging experience for us. It’s not something we do very often, but the thrill of the creative request got us to accept it. We brought in an amazing and trusted partner and we finished the project at a level that exceeded the client’s expectations.
Have a look:



Edurom: new corporate template


Edurom is a returning client, as we have made for them a presentation template 3 years ago. In 2022 they came back for another one, on the occasion of celebrating 20 years. (Congratulations on that, friends!)
It was great working with such o collaborative team, we ended up creating a perfect template for them. We are bummed that we can’t show it to you.
And what made this experience even more incredible for us is that in the end, our designers delivered them training on the most efficient way to use this template.


Yeswetrust: white paper, pitch deck, social media designs


Yeswetrust is a startup from the lifestyle/membership club area, from Switzerland, with whom we resonated on their mission and vision. We started by creating a whitepaper and a pitch deck for their investors.
As they were very pleased with our designs, we continued working for several months on their social media visual needs, such as the materials for their World Economic Forum in Davos.



Cortex: animation video


Cortex is a great startup specializing in web3 (a decentralized way to publish content) that participated in December at ArtBasel Miami (https://www.artbasel.com/), one of the biggest fairs and art exhibitions. Cortex launched its services there and we created for them an animated explainer video to describe the service and to draw the visitor’s attention and excitement.



Infill: pitch deck


This was one of the first projects of the previous year. After a long holiday break, we were ready to return to action with fresh forces. We had the pleasure of working with a client who had a very clear vision of what they were looking for and that made our creative process easier. In the end, the client was satisfied with the result, and we, with successful collaboration.


Tinia: pitch deck


When we started working together, Tinia was going through a rebranding process. Once they created their new visual identity, they contacted us to help update the design of their pitch deck. At first, their vision of how they wanted the pitch deck to look was fuzzy but after several trials and errors, we managed to bring it to life. What made this project interesting for us was the fact that it pushed our creative skills further and helped us learn new methods.


Huslverse: pitch deck


The client wanted to take advantage of the cryptocurrency wave and created a solution to help artists promote their work in the metaverse. To spread the word, the client needed a one-pager to promote their business to the masses. As we were interested in what was new on the market, it was a curious project to approach for us. The style the client focused on was retro and, given the name HUSL, towards rap music.


Now, let’s see what 2023 brings. Our objectives are:

  • to further empower the team and to reach better synergies between us
  • to have a clearer process across all our customer’s experience journey
  • to develop the seeds planted last year and grow them into fully functioning partnerships
  • to better define and narrow our products & services, providing clearer value to potential customers.

Don’t have the time or energy to create amazing visuals? We do!
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