Our Highlights of 2019

2019 Higlights

This year was a great one where we had the pleasure to work with some amazing people and organizations, ranging from innovative, high-tech start-ups, to large-scale global brands and events, to impactful NGOs that want to leave a mark on the world.

We worked with 60 clients, took more than 100 projects and designed beyond 250 presentations.

Looking back on every project and as we remember the creative processes we've been through, there are a few projects that stood out and we loved how they turned out.

Whether it was pitch decks, conference keynotes, sales pitches or marketing brochures, we sat down with our clients to understand their vision and ideas and help bring them to life.

Here's a selection of 8 projects, both international and Romanian, that we're very proud to have been a part of.

International Projects:

  1. US Government SBIR Program Applications

Over the course of this year, we've partnered up with a couple of VCs and consultant companies to help start-ups access US Government funds through the US Air Force's SBIR (Small Business Innovation Research) Program.

Through this initiative, the US Government is looking to attract top tech innovation from the country and apply the startups' solutions to various DoD stakeholders. To date, we've helped more than 70 startups with their proposal pitches which often consisted of 15-slide decks and one page summaries.


  1. Helping a top education platform to reposition themselves

This is one of the most meaningful projects we've worked on the whole year. OAKS is an online & offline tool, available in India, which helps students with inquiry-based learning activities. Its main focus is on the student, passing on conceptual knowledge in a fun & engaging manner.

They were in need of a revamp on their marketing presentation and collateral, both on the design and messaging of the materials. Together with them, we helped identify a new angle and narrative, rewrote the content and gave the documents a modern, fresh aesthetic.

  1. Partnering up for a large global event in 2020

We've recently started working with an agency, helping them with the presentation needs for some of their clients. Among the projects we worked together on, one stood out which is about a world known partnership between a global beverage and a major periodical sports event (not that hard to guess 😉 )

  1. Building a conference keynote for a 700 people audience

One of our oldest clients has been the Couple's Institute, a couples therapy practice from California. We've been helping them with various webinar presentations over the years, as part of the course they organize for the therapist community.

But this year, we had one very interesting and challenging project to work with them. Ellyn, co-founder of the Couple's Institute, was invited to one of Portugal's leading marketing conferences, KIAI Live, where she was to speak in front of an audience of 700 entrepreneurs, internet marketers, freelancers and digital nomads. So we knew we had to make something that was both familiar to the audience but bold enough to stand out:

  1. Continue working with exciting start-ups and VCs from around the world

This year, our main type of projects realized were pitch decks created to help innovative start-ups from all over the world to bring their exciting solutions to market (ranging from estreaming to autonomous driving, and from logistics to consumer electronics). 

We've also had the opportunity to work directly with some reputable VCs for their own pitches and presentations needs.

In total, we've worked on more than 50 such decks, with start-ups going on to raise more than $30M this year alone.

Romanian projects

We are always especially proud when we can help a Romanian company make better presentations.

  1. Pitch Deck for Demo Day at a Tech Conference

Back in June, our friends at Techcelerator asked if we can help some of their recent alumni with their pitch decks for a Demo Day in front of investors, which would take place at Upgrade 100, one of the largest tech conferences in Southern and Eastern Europe (formerly known as iCEEfest)

We've helped Securif.ai to have a more professional deck with stunning graphics, with an improved structure that would match what investors are expecting to see while also taking into account the format of the event (a 4 minute pitch).

  1. Presentation template for HiCorn - tech startup 

Earlier this year, we've helped a local tech startup from Cluj-Napoca put together a presentation template that was both vibrant and anchored in their roots (we've combined visuals of high tech with photography highlighting the best of the city. This template would be further used to create sales decks for foreign clients meetings.

This was a dear project of ours, as Mihai, our founder, lived for three years in Cluj-Napoca and has very fond memories of that period.


  1. FMCG Pitch Presentation

This summer, a large FMCG company approached us to help redesign a pitch presentation for a national retail campaign for one of their market leading brands. 

We enjoyed working on every project that we did this year.  We are fond of them all and we feel that we contributed towards a greater goal

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