13-Step Checklist For Great Personal Branding

13-Step Checklist For Great Personal Branding

How good are you at personal branding? That's a good question to ask of any entrepreneur. Because, whether you know it or not, you do have a personal brand and you should make sure you're managing it correctly.


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Great personal branding is not a forced lead generation strategy, but rather an extension of who you are and what you've done. You have to put yourself at the center of your personal branding strategy and attempt to attract like-minded people that can support your goals and connect you with others.

One of the first steps when defining your personal brand is figuring out who your audience is. If you’re a consultant, you’re looking for corporate clients. If you’re a coach, you’re looking for clients as well. Your target audience is made up of all the people who you want to associate with, whether they end up being your clients, they recommend your business or simply connect with you to discuss common subjects. As you begin to understand your audience, you can start laying out some ideas as to how you want to connect with them.

First and foremost, you’ll want to attract the people who you want to conduct business with. Like any marketing strategy, this will require a good market research and an acquisition plan. Build a persona of your ideal client and create a detailed profile of who they are and why they would need you.

Think which tactics and channels would be best suited to attract these potential clients and what the entry point in your community is. Once you have them there, create and deliver valuable content tailored to their needs and desires. Use that content to engage them and recommend yourself as a great business partner that can help them get there faster.

To help you with planning your next steps, we've created this infographic with an easy-to-follow 13-step checklist. Take look:


13-Step Checklist For Great Personal Branding

The Essential Guide To Managing Your Personal Brand

If you're looking to build a great personal brand, we've create this guide to help with designing your strategy and choosing the right channels.

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