About Us

We believe in designing high-quality visuals for our clients, from the most basic presentation, to complicated infographics, and large pitch decks. Our commitment to quality and our attention to detail have enabled us to build a relationship of trust with each of our clients.

We deliver on time and on point, and we even offer additional creative suggestions to make sure the audience is getting the right message. We believe in working together with our clients to offer outstanding visuals, that make an impact in the viewer’s mind.

Why work with us? Because we:

  • Help you save time
  • Use high quality imagery
  • Offer professional design
  • Help audiences visualize complex information
  • Offer assistance in organizing content
  • Make sure presentations and documents are optimized for viewing
  • Help you make a great first impression and close the deal
  • Value the privacy of our clients and commit to keeping their documents safe.

Our process

Depending on the type of visual we’re aiming for, we start with the client brief or ideas document and work our way through the content. In many cases, we encourage clients to show us examples and walk us through their vision of what the document should look like, so that we know what creative angle to follow.

We can create tailored, branded templates for each client, that can be re-used and re-designed for multiple projects. Once our design is approved, we deliver a working draft mid-project for client approval. We work closely with our clients to make sure everyone’s satisfied with the direction we’re going in.

We deliver the final visuals in the agreed timeline and offer full support in executing final changes and making sure the visual is ready to go.


Our team

Mihai Zamfir

Mihai Zamfir

Founder mihai@visualhackers.com

Mihai is an experienced professional in presentations and public speaking. With over 250 presentations for trainings, speeches, pitches and keynotes created, he knows what makes a great presentation stick. He also loves to travel and explore the world, one culture at a time.

Paula Alexandra Clapon

Paula Alexandra Clapon

Marketing Coordinator paula@visualhackers.com

Paula is an inbound marketer with a big passion for life and the pursuit of happiness. When she’s not tweeting the latest trends or creating marketing strategies, she’s probably petting a cat or watching a movie.

Bogdan Manea

Bogdan Manea

Graphic Designer bogdan@visualhackers.com

Bogdan is a passionately curious individual, mostly about the universe and how it works. Also passionate about Design, he likes quotes and has an imaginary raccoon friend called Marcel. He thinks that nothing should be taken for granted therefore, he thanks you for skimming over this description.

Don’t have the time or energy to create amazing visuals? We do!

Tap into our skills and our knowledge and request a free quote here. We value the privacy of our clients and commit to keeping their documents safe.